Das*WESEN(t)licheALLer-l-EI wird auf den PUNKT gebracht


12 Antworten

  1. Danke Andrea sehr schön, schönen Nachmittag dir noch liebe Grüße..Gislinde

    Dezember 12, 2013 um 3:44 PM

    • Wünsche dir auch einen schönen NachMITTAG,bei UNS hat sogar die SONNE heute gescheint…….schick dir die mal vorbei…….HERZlichst ANDREA:))

      Dezember 12, 2013 um 3:49 PM

  2. Amy

    Love the songs!!!

    Dezember 12, 2013 um 4:05 PM

    • THANK YOU love AMY…….**BLESSED**
      **MANY HUGS**

      Dezember 12, 2013 um 4:47 PM

      • Amy

        {{{hugs}}} Andrea

        Dezember 12, 2013 um 5:01 PM

      • **MANY HUGS**

        Dezember 12, 2013 um 9:40 PM

  3. I’m so glad you posted „Happy Christmas.“ I was listening to that on the radio yesterday and remembering when Lennon and Ono first recorded it and how the words had such meaning. It made me very happy to hear it, and also to be thinking about how we need war to be „over“ this year, too. Blessings to you for a happy Christmas of your own. oxo Debra

    Dezember 12, 2013 um 5:15 PM

    • Dear Debra,
      For their beloved commentary to me a beautiful Merry Christmas she and her family have thank you very much and I wish you beautiful Weihnachtszeit…das by heart…Thank you for visiting me…
      Sincerely and wished a good night…Andrea

      Dezember 12, 2013 um 9:26 PM

  4. Some well chosen Christmas songs I so admired John Lennon… Wishing you well Andrea… Love and Blessings🙂 Sue xox

    Dezember 12, 2013 um 8:34 PM

    • Dear Sue,
      John Lennon is a great singer. thank you for your visit. a beautiful Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas with plunge beautiful cheerful songs sung wish you and your family.I accompanied blessed every day a good Nacht.sei of angels.
      Sincerely Andrea

      Dezember 12, 2013 um 9:28 PM

  5. I love to see those German sweets… hmmmm

    Dezember 12, 2013 um 10:47 PM

    • freut mich das es dir schmeckt liebe UTE……..HERZlichst und einen schönen FREI-TAG gewünscht ANDREA:))

      Dezember 13, 2013 um 10:07 AM

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